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The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Seoul conducts a Mobile Consular and Employment Welfare Service in Ulsan

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The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Seoul conducts a Mobile Consular and Employment Welfare Service in Ulsan


The Embassy of Sri Lanka in the Republic of Korea conducted a mobile consular and employment welfare service on 28th April 2024 in Ulsan. The mobile service was held in collaboration with the Sri Lankan community in Ulsan and was part of the New Year Festival organized by them. Ulsan, which is approximately 400 kms away from Seoul, is located in the Southeast of the country.  The area is home to a significant number of Sri Lankan migrant workers.


Approximately 100 Sri Lankans obtained  consular services, including the renewal of passports, document attestation, attestation of driving license,  signing of affidavits and power of attorney . The Employment and Labour Welfare Section of the Embassy also provided labour welfare services to the Sri Lankan expatriate community who attended the event.


The Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Republic of Korea, Savitri Panabokke attended the event and inaugurated the New Year Festival. She interacted with members of the Sri Lankan community, as well as relevant officials from the Ulsan area and discussed matters relating to Sri Lankans in the area.  Speaking at the event, the Ambassador commended the organizers of the Festival and thanked them for the opportunity provided to the Embassy to conduct a mobile service in Ulsan. She also appreciated the role played by the Sri Lankan migrant workers towards helping their motherland.


The mobile service is a part of the Embassy's community reach out programme and enables the Embassy to effectively serve Sri Lankans who live a long distance away from Seoul .